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Keraspice is going to be that rare treat for those to enjoy genuinely authentic south Indian dishes made from fresh ingredients carefully selected by our professional Chef. Where else in London, can you find delicious food, great value for money, a fantastic atmosphere, and let's not forget the friendly service! We Keraspice, proudly announce our newly opened restaurant and promise not to disappoint.

The Sixth Sense of Taste

The cooking medium of Keraspice cuisine is mainly kerala coconut oil. Secondly, most Keraspice dishes are added fresh souring agents depending on the dish. The mainly used souring agents are cambodge, tamarind, unripe mango, lime juice and vinegar, bilimbi and curd. Tempering is the last stage in Keraspice cooking. There are two reasons for tampering a dish. First, as the name suggests it imparts a certain flavour an piquancy to the dish. Secondly, dishes that contain no oil gets a slice touch of it. 

All the traditional kerala cooking methods are adapted adding a few secret ingredients discovering the sixth sense of taste at Keraspice.


Monday - Sunday , Tuesdays closed
12pm - 2:30pm and 6pm - 11pm


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715 High Road, Leytonstone,

London E11 4RD

Tel: 020 8539 1700 
Email: keraspice15@gmail.com

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